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Ron Navarreta Shares The Basics of Perimeter Security

Despite the importance of security, perimeter security is often overlooked compared to CCTV or access control. As governments prioritize the protection of public spaces, the market is expected to grow.

Physical perimeter security is a system or technology that guards against unauthorized access to a facility or its grounds. A perimeter security system can provide various services, such as end-to-end protection for your network and business, and is designed to stop unauthorized access.

The multiple layers of a perimeter security system should be designed to protect the boundary. They should be able to detect and deter unauthorized entry, including the various elements of the building facade, the property and site perimeter, and the internal and external perimeter.

New Developments in Tech

Advancements in technology over the past decade have led to the development of new perimeter security systems. These systems are common to protect high-risk sites such as military facilities and critical infrastructure and cover residential and commercial areas.

A perimeter security system can have various components, such as cameras, access control, and video detection. The technologies and systems differ depending on the threat type it’s designed to address.

Outside of Technology

A solid perimeter barrier should have either a fence or a wall combined with surveillance and security lighting. Reinforce sound perimeter barriers with spikes and barbed wire to prevent intruders from climbing. These materials can also increase the height of the barrier and provide the potential for injury or entanglement.

No Longer a Neglected Market

Despite the increasing number of security cameras and electronic systems, the lack of attention paid to the physical perimeter has remained the same. This is expected to change as the integration of these technologies into existing security strategies begins.

The global perimeter security market is expected to grow due to various factors. These include the increasing terrorist threat and the need to reduce workforce costs. Also, the need to implement innovative city projects and stringent government regulations is expected to drive the market.

The Importance of Perimeter Security

A perimeter security system is a must, especially if you have a global network. It should be designed to stop unauthorized access to your network before it reaches your main gates. The simplest form of this type of security is protecting the boundary between your internet and your router. There are many layers to this system, starting with the router.

 The gateway between your network and the outside world is typically your router. These are devices that act as traffic signals for networks that are directing traffic in and out. Although they can provide some protection, your router is mainly responsible for checking if data is coming in and going out. This is similar to border control at an airport.

A firewall is a security device designed to stop unauthorized access to your network. It can allow or reject certain types of traffic, like airport security dogs. These devices can perform a more thorough check on the traffic coming in and out of your network. After the traffic is clear, additional layers are added to the system to look for suspicious activity.

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